Manual Adjusting

  • Manual chiropractic adjustments have had much success over the years of relieving back pain, neck pain, hip pain, and much more. At Ballenger Chiropractic we utilize various different manual techniques to ensure the best results possible.htsy1

Activator Adjusting

  • As our Doctors begin each treatment, they will identify any subluxations or other areas of concern.  Once the pathological area is found, the Doctor will place the Activator®, a small, spring-loaded tool designed specifically for Chiropractors, on the misaligned bone. The tool delivers a low-force thrust to the area, which helps to bring it back to the aligned position. When using the Activator®, our Doctors are able to move quickly from one spot to another, decreasing your body’s tendency to tense.  The Activator website can explain the technique and product in more depth.










Patients that may benefit the most from the Activator technique are:

  • People who aren’t fond of manual adjustment techniques
  • Children
  • Athletes
  • People with pain in their extremities, such as ankles, wrists and neck
  • Elderly (Very safe technique for those with osteoporosis)

Cox Flexion/Distraction

  • While laying face down on one of our special tables, one of our Doctors will place one hand on your spine while simultaneously lowering half of the table under your legs. The Doctor will then move half of the table in a steady up and down pattern, alternately stretching and relaxing your spine. This process gently separates your vertebrae and allows for an increased range of motion.

Thompson Drop

  • The doctor will ask the patient to lie face down on the drop table in order to measure their leg length in the extended position and best position.  After many tests, the Doctor will then proceed with the adjustment, assisted by the action of the drop piece. The table’s drop piece will be set to your weight and cocked.  The Doctor will then place a hand on the drop segment. A thrust is then applied and this segment of the table will drop away gently, thus assisting the manipulation with dropping as the adjustment occurs, allowing for a gentle yet assertive adjustment.

Webster Technique

  • The goal of the Webster Technique is to provide an analysis and diversified adjustment for the care of a pregnant individual.  This technique is utilized in means of correcting a sacral subluxation which in turn could ease labor for the mother.  The correction produced through this technique may have positive effect on the labor for the mother.