Hear from a few of our many amazing patients:

“Normally I would be stressed to the max, my anxiety would be through the roof, and I would be taking out my anger on everyone. Thanks to the Doctors, I have zero anxiety. I’m able to focus on the real priorities and not stress over the little things. I have the energy to move to a new house, do the yard work, make repairs, apply to college, read and study, and actually be social again. We still have some work to do, but they have given me hope that my life will turn out to be the way I always thought it should. I am forever grateful.”       -Robert

“The doctors recommended I cleanse my body with the Standard Process Purification Program. I was hesitant because of my love for sugar and my hectic schedule. Mornings have always been hard for me, but now I wake up with energy. I had blood work done for a new life insurance policy and everything came back so well that I qualified for the lowest rate. It has become a lifelong change for my husband and I, but we still enjoy the “old way” occasionally. I highly recommend this purification program to anyone!”      -Tricia

“I was suffering from pain in my wrist that interfered with everyday chores, sleeping and carrying out my job as a kindergarten teacher. My medical doctor diagnosed it as carpel tunnel and suggested I wear a brace at night and look into surgery. I wanted to avoid surgery so I looked into alternative treatments and spoke with Dr. Luke. He asked me about my history and traced my pain back to a couple of falls I had from a ladder. Dr. Luke Started adjusting my shoulder and within weeks the pain was gone! I can now assist children with cutting, writing and tying shoes. The best news – no surgery!!!”          -T.B.

“I am 29 years old and have been experiencing chronic low back pain since the age of 15. I have been to numerous physical therapists and chiropractors that have had their fair share of trial and error. After moving back home, a close friend of mine had nothing but the best to say of Luke Ballenger. I have been receiving chiropractic work from Luke for the last two years now. He has completely transformed my back and has helped me relieve pain that has been existent daily for the last 10 years!”          -Maggie

“On my first visit I could hardly bend over without excruciating pain in my back and I also had pain extended into my right leg. Me left hand and fingers tingled and my left ankle especially, was very stiff. Within a couple weeks I was so much better and I’ve been able to resume biking without a lot of pain. Dr. Alex and the office staff have also been very pleasant and helpful. I’ve found Dr. Luke and Dr. Alex to be very educated, talented and experts in their field.”          -Ellen

“I have been going to chiropractors for over 25 years and I am extremely pleased with the results I’m seeing. They have taken the time to do a complete evaluation of my situation and has provided me with a systematic program to help get my body back into the position it should be in.”          -Kevin

“Dr. Luke suggested a cleanse and I was not really excited about trying it. Now that I’m done with it I AM SO GLAD that I did the cleanse! BEFORE the cleanse I was in the normal range in everything except for my usual three red flags. BUN was high at 21. LDL Cholesterol was high at 136. Cholesterol was high at 227. AFTER the cleanse I was in the normal range in every single category for the first time in years! BUN was now at 14. LDL Cholesterol was now at 95. Cholesterol was now at 168. I’m a believer, from both the health standpoint and the financial standpoint, thanks to Ballenger Chiropractic and Acupuncture.”          -Mike

“The thorough care and treatment I have received is unparalleled! From the minute I walked through the door on my first visit it has been a completely positive experience – the friendly staff, the uplifting music and most of all the personal care!”       -Dee

“Ballenger Chiropractic has helped me so much! Not only is it one of the most welcoming businesses I’ve ever been to. I’ve had so much relief of pain & numbness in my hands/shoulder. They’ve worked very hard to find the root of my problems & have helped me so much!”       -Katie S

“I felt so comfortable my first day here. I was super nervous because I had only been to one chiropractor in my life but I will always go here from now on. Dr. Luke is the best and most understanding doctor I have ever had. I will Definitely recommend him to friends & family!”                 -Megan

“I have been working with Dr. Alex for several months now and look forward to each and every visit. She is always up beat and positive, which makes me smile. She has been amazingly helpful with my pain from ear infection pain and migraine headaches to back and neck pain from an accident over five years ago. I would recommend her to anyone with pain.”       -Kelly

“Dr. Alex has helped me get back in balance, so to speak. I had stopped visiting chiropractors prior to visiting Ballenger Chiropractic, so I was quite out of alignment. Through adjustments and preventative tips, I feel so much better. Dr. Alex does a great job of both adjusting my current state and helping me work to prevent further issues.”       -Kristen

“I really appreciate Dr. Luke’s professionalism and attentiveness. He has a great concern for his patients and it shows. My wife and I recommend him and are very satisfied with treatments and success.”       -Tom

“I’ve been getting chiropractic care since I was I high school, so I know how important it is to have a good chiropractor. When I needed to find a new one I was a little nervous. Coming to here has been great! At my first visit my fears were put to rest.. They were willing to work with me to find the best plan for me. They were patient & willing to give me the tools I needed to start a healthier life.”       -Wendy

“After going to another chiropractor for a couple of years I believed in the ability of chiropractic to fix a serious problem with my back, but I never really felt it went away. Through a chance meeting, I heard about Ballenger Chiropractic & Acupuncture and decided to give it a shot. What a huge difference they have made in my life. I don’t hurt anymore! They care, not only about my back, but the whole body.”       -Lisa

“For many years I have been seeing doctors and chiropractors. Some have been able to help with pain & adjustments but the underlying problem still existed. Dr. Luke is the first to find the problem with my skeletal structure and since my visits have started I can say that I feel much better and look forward to each visit.”        -Nate

“Dr. Luke has done a wonderful job with me! He is one of the few doctors that actually listened to my pain complaints and not only helped me with adjustments, but with different exercises that I could do on my own to help. My neck pain is gone & my hip/ankle pain is much better.”       -Jenny

“I came to Dr. Luke from a friend’s suggestion. I was having extreme pain in my tongue. Dr. Luke helped to identify a possible cause. I have had a few acupuncture treatments and adjustments along with the supplements. I am impressed with the caring and wholesome atmosphere. I would highly recommend Dr. Luke & Dr. Alex for any health issue.”       -Jeanne

“Before meeting the doctors at Ballenger, I was against chiropractic. The more I learned from them, the more interested I became. I now look forward to every appointment. After visiting them regularly they have fixed my issue. Now I rarely have lower back pain! I would recommend Ballenger to all of my friends and family.”       -Heather

“My cholesterol was too high, so my medical doctor had put me on a drug which caused leg cramps. The drug was also very expensive. I spoke to Doctors about the leg cramps. They suggested I try a supplement they had in the clinic. I had been taking this supplement for eight months when my medical doctor rechecked my cholesterol and it had dropped 11 points. I did not change anything else as I was already watching my food intake and exercise. I am still continuing to use this supplement.”       -Rosemary

“What a pleasure it was for me to be one of your first patients. I thoroughly enjoyed our “sports visits” while getting treatments for my back. I could barely walk upright when I first came in, and after a few treatments I was like new again. Your thoroughness in explaining things to me was appreciated. We are always happy to recommend you to our relatives and aquaintances.”      -Jerry