Dr. Timothy Fordyce

Dr. Dyce is originally from Aurelia, IA.  He received his degrees from Simpson College (Indianola, IA) and Palmer College of Chiropractic (Davenport, IA). During his time at Palmer, Dr. Dyce found his passion for working with Athletes, pregnancy, geriatrics, and basically anything with a spine!

Dr. Dyce views the body as a whole organism which cannot be broken down into individual parts or systems. This is why Dr. Dyce uses many different techniques in order to be as specific as possible with each patient he encounters on each visit.
Dr. Dyce’s degrees:
      • Doctor of Chiropractic
      • Fellow with the Acupuncture Society of America (Acupuncture degree)
      • Bachelor of Arts—Biology
      • Extensive training in postural corrective exercises
      • Extensive training in nutritional supplementation through the use of whole food vitamins and herbal supplements.

Dr. Dyce’s common conditions treated:

      • AHC (anterior head carriage)—neck pain, upper back tension/tightness, headaches, and shoulder pain
      • Athletic type injuries (sports induced or the “weekend warrior”)
      • Sciatica (pain down the back of the leg)
      • Loss of motion/function of extremities
      • Digestive problems/complications
      • Weight loss and maintenance