(11/1/19) November Patient of the Month

Read Stephen’s inspirational testimonial below!

“For several years, I have experienced severe hip  & leg pain when travelling in a car for more than 45 minutes to an hour.  Anti-inflammatories and physical therapy did not help.  Although I would never had tried chiropractic or acupuncture on my own, my brother told me about the relief he experienced after acupuncture treatments for a similar issue.  Although skeptical, I was desperate!  I made an appointment with Dr. Kim, and told her I was dreading a ten-hour car ride I was facing in 2 ½ weeks.  After six acupuncture treatments and three adjustments, I nervously went on my trip. To my surprise and delight, I made it there and back without any significant pain.  I have since gone on a six-hour round-trip without any pain.  I’m a believer now thanks to Dr. Kim!”

(10/1/19) October Patient of the Month

Meet Chace! He plays football and runs track at Dowling high school. He has been seeing Dr. Luke for sports related injuries since 7th grade. His most recent injury involved low-back muscle spasms that would flare up during football practice. With a mixture of both chiropractic adjustments and acupuncture, Dr. Luke managed to fix the cause of Chace’s muscle spasms. When he was younger, he had knee problems during track due to hip misalignment that Dr. Luke was able to fix as well. If you’re an athlete experiencing similar problems, be sure to let your doctor know!

(9/1/19) September Patient of the Month

Read Alicia’s awesome testimonial below!!

“I have been a patient with Ballenger for about 2 ½ years and have seen all four doctors ranging from gallbladder issues, seizures, headaches, and back pain from Osteoporosis. Have also been very pleased when I needed acupuncture when I had foot surgery and beyond pleased with homeopathy when my seizures and stomach pains had gotten the best of me. Since coming to Ballenger, I have stopped using anti-depressants, seizures are almost non-existent, back pain is a thing of the past, and my energy and overall happiness is so much better. Even though I live in North Dakota, I still come home because the continuous treatment I get is worth the drive.”

(8/20/19) In Loving Memory of Rose

Today we said our final goodbye to our co-worker and friend, Rose Daggy. Rose has been with Ballenger’s since February 2016. She was a dedicated, fun & faithful part of our team. This woman didn’t go a day or moment without smiling and bringing joy to those around her.

Rose fought a long, hard battle with cancer. She did so with the utmost strength and determination. Thank you to all of our patients who stood by her side in prayer throughout this last year.

Rose will be greatly missed. We rejoice that she now spends her days in Glory with Jesus! We love you, Rose!

(8/1/19) August Patient of the Month

Meet Kelley who has been a patient at Ballenger Chiropractic for about 2 years! She has been seen by all four doctors for different issues ranging from gallbladder/kidney issues, headaches, & mild anxiety. Kelley has done homeopathy & acupuncture treatments to help with her ailments on top of chiropractic. She can happily say that she has not had problems with any of these issues for months! She was even treated outside of business hours by Dr. Alex back in April when her and her husband suffered whiplash from an auto accident. Kelley can honestly say she feels better now than she has in several years!

Such an awesome testimonial! Thank you, Kelley!